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Monday, October 25, 2010


So I have always dreamed of writing something that people read.  Not my mom or family but I really want someone to read what is on my mind so my 12 year old son has talked me into blogging.  Here goes.

I have three teenagers, three little dogs and a husband that has been my husband now for about 15 years.

My dogs are wonderful we have a miniature Maltese, she is 11 years old and weights in at about 4.5 pounds.  She is crazy and thinks that she is the queen of the house.  Little does she know that I take that role very seriously.  Our other two dogs are wiener dogs, on is 1.5 old and he is my dog or should I say I am his human.  My husband can't even put his hand on my leg without the dog trying to get his nose under his hand.  He loves me, the dog and the husband.  We just adopted a new dog this weekend for my son.  He is about a year old and thankfully loves my son to pieces.  Unfortunately we had to put his dog to sleep this Saturday so Sunday we got him a new dog.

My family is wonderful and they are my life.  I have worked hard to raise children that I can go out into public with and not be totally embarrassed.  They are good kids, average teenagers but they are good.  We talk or at least joke about everything under the sun.  My oldest is a girl, she is unique and wonderful, we are so blessed she entered our lives.  She was adopted at the age of 10 but it feels like she has always been part of us and we have only had her for 5 years.  I will write more about her later but for now I would like to introduce my sons.  Our oldest is 14 and he is a bass player in a band, that is his life.  Our youngest is 12 and he is the one with lots of imagination and loves everything about life.

Okay so this is my first try I really do think this is something that could be fun and lots of release.  Maybe I should just get a journal.  Maybe more later we will have to see.

Good night for now.

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  1. Hi there, I’m looking to start a blog about my new life. My husband passed away in August 2013 at the age of 30, and at that time, our twin girls were 19-months old, and our son was 4 months old. Anyways, I’m writing to you because I was hoping to use “meplus3.blogspot.com”. That has been something I had said since right after our son was born, even before my husband died. I would say things like “It’s just me plus 3 for the day while Daddy’s at work” or “Me plus 3 heading out for groceries, wish us luck!” And now, it has really become just me plus 3. So that is why I want to use “meplus3”. It is the exact way to describe our new life. I saw that you have been inactive with your blog for a while now, so I was wondering if you were still interested in keeping that domain, or if you would be able to get rid of it? It’s not a big deal if you want to keep it, I just figured it doesn’t hurt to ask. And just to show that I’m a real person, I just thought I’d show you a few other blogs I currently have. My depressing widow blog is emailstochaz.blogspot.com. And this other blog I’ve kind of abandoned, and was hoping to recreate with “meplus3” because our son has been born since then: lifewithtwins15.blogspot.com. Anyways, just let me know. Thanks so much!